DownUnder’s Gypsy

ALAA registration number 076013


Gypsy is a small/medium sized labradoodle. She lives in one of our guardian homes.  She is a bit on the spoiled side since she expects to be tucked in bed every night. She had her first litter of 6 puppies in January 2021 and was the cleanest mother ever!


DownUnder’s I’m in a
Brooklyn State of Mind

ALAA registration number 081174

Brooklyn (aka Brookie) lives in my assistants home. She is a smaller sized standard with white mis-marks and obviously carries the parti-gene. Brooklyn surprised us with 9 puppies in her first litter with 7 of them parti-colored. Brookie is a professional counter surfer and loves to steal loaves of bread and socks – especially Bombas.


Aussie L’s Finlie

ALAA registration number 86560


Meet our girl, Finlie. We got so many requests for mini-doodles, we decided to add her to our lineup. Weighing in at 20.2#, she is packed with cuteness and the best mannered girl ever!


DownUnder’s Asia

ALAA registration number 092003

Asia is a striking girl with her white highlights.  We are planning on this gorgeous girl continuing Pinch and Oliver’s incredible breeding lines since we recently retired Pinch.  We will be looking  to breed her in 2023 now that all her health clearance are done.



DownUnder’s Sybbie

ALAA registration number 106815


Take a walk on the wild side with Sybbie!  She is a unique tri-colored labradoodle.  This girl is all boy.  She has never met a mud puddle she doesn’t like and prepares the yard for more puddles by digging holes.  Even though she has angry eyebrows, we promise it’s just her look to keep the squirrels out of the yard.

DownUnder’s Music City USA

ALAA registration number 111012



“Nash” is a mini caramel cutie.  Her mom is our Finlie and we decided to keep another mini-sized doodle to try to keep up with demand.  We have completed all health certifications and DNA testing for her.  We are hoping to be breeding her in 2024.



DownUnder’s Fiji – RETIRED

ALAA registration number 63623


Fiji is a large mini parti-colored labradoodle. She is full of energy and spunk. She can normally be found reclining on the back of the couch or perched on the A/C vent. To say she isn’t a fan of being groomed is an understatement but she is truly elegant when she is clean and clipped. Fiji whelped DownUnders first all parti litter in 2020.


DownUnder’s Pinch Me – RETIRED

ALAA registration number 53427


Pinch is a medium sized labradoodle. If anyone ever needs a giant hug or lots of kisses, this girl is for you! She is in charge of security around here by alerting us of any dangerous pedestrians, bike riders or sketchy delivery people. She will be living out her life as a weighted blanket unless the doorbell rings!


DownUnder’s Bling – RETIRED

ALAA registration number 039613


Watch out Celine –  this is Bling!  If you think Celine can hit high notes, wait until you hear Bling in the bath. Bling likes to think she is a great squirrel hunter but she is so far away, we say she isn’t in the same zip code.  She can normally be found on the dog bed with Jade, her bestie.



DownUnder’s Jade – RETIRED

ALAA registration number 35560


Jade is an absolutely gorgeous standard-sized labradoodle. She produced large litters in her short breeding time. She is still around as the matriarch of the household. This girl loves to dig holes, chase squirrels and barks at the deer until they move along.  During hockey season, she is watching the Carolina Hurricanes play!